Tips and tricks to prevent water leakage from your AC unit

when the temperature is gradually raising we prefer to use air conditioners continuous. In such cases water leakage or formation of ice particles is most commonly seen, if dirt that accumulates inside the air conditioner this will not allow water to ejected through drain tube. So some general precautions or tips are essential to ensure your AC unit to work efficiently. The first thing you need to do is turn-off the power supply to the Ac unit.

1). Condensate pump:-

It collects and stores the water produced by your AC system and transfers it to drain line. If this condensate pump is not functioning properly , water that should be drained out of drain tube an leak inside the room. Just with a few clicks on our app you will get expert service at your desired location.

2). Disconnected drain line:-

Drain pipe that gets loosened over time results to water leakage from AC unit. Otherwise this happens when AC unit is improperly installed, causing water spots to form on the ceiling or leaking large amount of water droplets. AC unit must be periodically checked by skilled technicians to avoid such kind of problems. Get service from well-experienced professionals on AtoZ

3). Clogged drain line:-

This is the problem most commonly seen in AC unit while there water leakage. By continuous usage & over a time this drain gets clogged with lot of dirt this may also lead to serious damage. Clean the drain line as soon as possible to enhance the functioning of AC unit so that you can avoid severe repairs to occur.

4). Improper AC sealing:-

If AC unit has improper fitted seals, it allows to much of hot air to enter. When warm air is entered continuously it hits cool air and get condensed. This causes excess water to form and drip out from unit. By proper sealing around the unit this can be avoided.

5). Cold climate conditions:-

During winter the temperature gets to drop down, less water evaporates than usual temperature. This results to water formation inside the AC unit as it can’t hold the water, starts to drip out water droplets.

6). Dirty filters:-

Proper cleaning of filters is required periodically because when they get dirty it causes the airflow to be blocked. This turns up the coil to become cold & frozen, with temperature change it starts to melt and drip the water droplets.

TO avoid above mentioned problems follow some tips:-

*Blow air through drain pipe, then the dirty water from entire unit will be ejected out. Otherwise use vacuum cleaner to pull out dirty water from the drain tube by holding the tip upwards & place vacuum tube for 2 minutes so that there is no gap during suction.

*Try to open box of AC unit & clean air filter if it is possible by you, otherwise get service from expert technician at AtoZ service.

*Check seals of AC unit whether the drain hose is placed down to let water to flow outside.

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