Magical tips to clean your gas stove efficiently

A gas stove is the most important appliance which is used for more than a dozen times in a day. So, it is very necessary to clean all the grease formed over it. Here are some effective tips for you to bring the gas stove into the new ones. Firstly remove the gas regulator from the gas cylinder.

1. Clean gas stove every day:- It is very difficult to clean dry stains as they are stubborn to remove over a gas stove. Best way to clean is to use a cotton cloth and rub the stove immediately after cooking. Then add salt to a half cup of water & sprinkle all over the gas stove and clean it with a cloth. This will help to remove grease immediately.

2. Remove rust from the gas stove:- Soak the burners and pan support into vinegar, baking soda solution. Sprinkle the baking powder over your gas stove & rub it with a rough sponge. More than 90% of grease gets removed. Now pour vinegar onto the stove where rust is formed & rub it gently to remove the rust thoroughly.

3. Improve the flame from burners:- Due to daily use burners get blocked, so they must be cleaned regularly to improve the flame level from the business. Soak them overnight in vinegar water, the next day with the help of a metal brush clean every nook of the burner by this we can also avoid gas wastage.

4. Avoid gas leakage from the stove:- A gas leak is a very serious matter as it occupies entire house & explosion may also occur. Check each burner on the stove and hear the hissing sound of the gas. If you find a strong smell immediately turn off the gas regulator & take help from an expert technician to avoid the danger. Book for a qualitative service at, it’s our pleasure to provide you expertise service.

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