How to Repair Washing Machine

In today’s busy life we don’t find time even to eat in hectic schedules while coming to washing clothes is a big task where washing machine does it efficiently with one click. so its very important to know the problems with washing machine for its long life.

What are the problems to the washing machine ? how to solve the problems,

In such a great tool (washing machine) if a problem arises what to do?

What are the problems arises in the washing machine? how to solve them?

The main problems which arise in the washing machine are

  1. Not Rotation of machine.
  2. Not taking the water.
  3. The overflow of water when the drum is full.
  4. Stagnation of dirty water ( not drain for dirty water )


The main Reason of for non-rotation of the machine.

1. If a problem occurs in “motor winding /PCB” does not run, capacitor and wiring also a reason, it should be checked and replaced.

2. If the inlet motor does not work then water does not cums in and this is the major reason.

3. The main reason for the overflow of water is when the “water level sensor” stops working.

4. The main reason for the stagnation of dirty water is non-working of “drain motor“. In such a case, it must be replaced to solve the problem.

For any one of the above problems PCB also may be a reason.

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