How to Repair Refrigerator-Fridge

(Fridge) Refrigerator Repair in Warangal, Hanamkonda, Kazipet 

One of the first and most important home need is Refrigerator. It is very useful for us to store drinking water, vegetables, and other items at home.

If suddenly it stops working how problematic it is?

what are the problems do we have with the refrigerator ? with what type of machines does it work?

The first and foremost problems that we face in the refrigerator.

  1. Not cooling.
  2. Formation of ice in a freezer box.
  3. In double door refrigerators freezing in upper door and not freezing in the lower door.

These are the first and foremost problems why does this occur?

1. Not Cooling

The first problem is not cooling, not only of the compressor, leakage of gas. repair in Relay OLP or not working of the compressor is the foremost problem.


Replace the Relay / OLP or replace a new compressor with gas filling solve the problem.

The other one is leakage of gas occurs.repairing of gas pipes and filling the gas solve the problem.

2. Formation of ice

This problem occurs due to repair in the cooling sensor. changing the sensor solve the problem.

3. cooling in upper door and not cooling in the lower door.

This problem occurs in double door refrigerators. The foremost reason for this is.

  •  Not working of the timer
  •  Not working of sensors
  •  Not working of the heater
  •  Not working of the fan motor

find out the upper three parts and changing the parts solve the problem.

Neglecting up given problems leads to wastage of electricity/power. Repairing in time with an experienced technician leads to control of the electricity bill.

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