How to Repair Gas Stove

There is no doubt to say that gas stove plays a key role in our daily routine to see it’s a simple thing but the problems we face with it are complicated.

Problems that you face with your gas stove & their Precaution methods,

If their gas stove gets to repair the effect of it will not be simple.

Problems that are faced by the gas stove

1, Flame of the stove will be low (or) it does not flame.

2, Puts off when it is kept in SIM.

3, Leakage of gas.

4, Breakage/ bendings of bottoms/ burners.

5, Movement of knobs tightly or breakage of knobs.

6, The dysfunction of lighters in automatic stoves.

there are the problems that we find mostly

 The solution’s to solve the above problems are:

1. Flame of the stove will be low (or) it does not flame

these causes because of the dust that fills in the valves,

for this repairing /servicing with an experienced technician is enough.

2. Put off’s when it is kept in SIM.

It’s a simple problem but sometimes major accidents may occur by these. Generally, we put flame at sim when it is not necessary at high flame, but sometimes the dust that filled in the valves make the flame put off. we think the flame is at sim and gets into our work by this the leakage of gas occurs. at this movement, the on/off lighter (or) power switches at out home lead to accidents.


3. Leakage of gas

Where is the places leakage of gas occurs?

* Near the valves of the stove.

*Near the gas pipe

*Near the regulator

*Near the rotate nozzle

Regularly servicing of keeps away the leakage of gas from the valves.

*breakage or damage of gas pipes leads to the leakage of gas from the pipes. for this by the quality of pipe we should change the pipe

*Near the regulator

failing of regulator or damage of watcher in the cylinder lead to the leakage

* Near the rotate nozzle,

we see these rotate nozzles only for some stoves backside. Damage of these nozzles leads to leakage.

4. Breakage/bendings of bottoms & burners

Bottoms are below the burners. Regularly cleaning the stoves with water and when the water gets into the bottoms and this leads to rust in the bottoms and breakage bottoms these are seen in iron bottoms only. But nowadays we can see aluminum bottoms, in these bottoms we can see only bending by overheat coming to burners depending on their quality. The became damaged by the heat overflow of liquids on the burners the holes become closed by cleaning the holes with a needle solve the problem.

5. Movement of knobs tightly / breakage of knobs.

Generally, breakage of knobs doesn’t occur. If valves inside the knobs move tightly then breakage of knobs occurs, irregular servicing of stove leads to problem and fire accidents may also occur. So for every once in 6 months servicing of a gas stove is necessary.

6. Dysfunction of lighters in the automatic gas stove

This problem is only in automatic lighter stoves. the problem of servicing/battery is replaced.

solve the above-given problems and save yourself from fire accidents.

Thank you. . . .

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