How to Repair Air conditioner(AC)

(AC) Air Conditioner Repair in Warangal, Hanamkonda, Kazipet

The air conditioner is used by the high-class people. The maintenance of the air conditioner is very costly and risky. There are some problems associated with the air conditioner. We can solve the problems by replacing or by doing the servicing to that part.

Problems and the solutions of the air conditioner (AC)

The main problems associated with the air conditioner are:-

1. Storage of the dust in air filters

2. If the outdoor unit won’t start properly
3. If the indoor blower won’t rotate
4. IF the cooling won’t come properly, the air conditioner won’t work properly.
These major problems can overcome by the following processes.

1. If the dust is stored in the filter, the cooling of the A.C decreases. So servicing is required for filters every six months.

2. If the outdoor unit won’t start properly, it may be the defect of capacitor or compressor. Check the parts and replace the defected.

3. If the indoor blower won’t rotate, air won’t come. So change the blower motor, then the problem will be solved.

NOTE:-for every problem what we have discussed above, PCB may also be one of the reason.


4. When the level of the gas decreases, cooling won’t come. Then check the gas levels and fill the gas to solve the problem. If the compressor didn’t start also cooling won’t come.

To work the A.C for many days check the gas level for every six months and do the service for the gas. By doing the service every six months, save the electricity bill.

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