Air conditioner Tips

  1. Clean your AC filter once a month. A dirty air filter can cost you money because it blocks the airflow, causing your unit harder to push cool air through your home. Moreover, a clean air filter will save your money over electric bills and prolong the life of your air conditioner.
  2. Don’t constantly change the thermostat setting, it causes AC & furnace to stop and start, which leads them to run inefficiently.
  3. Do not block your air vents. If your AC can’t get enough air, then there won’t be enough heat to prevent the condensation on the coil from turning into ice.
  4. Setting your thermostat to a lower temperature than normal will not cool your home faster but it will cause your AC to run constantly & run up your electric bill.
  5. Whether an apartment or house, the first & simplest thing to do is to seal the air leaks from the room.
  6. Use shades & curtains to block the sun and heat during warm weather.
  7. Set your thermostat to 78F (26C) degrees, as every degree of extra cooling will increase energy usage 6% to 8%.

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