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Nowadays every modern kitchen is furnished with a chimney to avoid smoke, order & sook while cooking. when the chimney is troubling you with repairs, have a look at our website/app known as AtoZ service. We give our service to your door-step at a reasonable cost. We provide our service to all brands.

Types of services we offer are:

1. General service:-
General service helps the appliances run for long-time & good performance
2. Repairs:-
All kinds of repairs are cleverly handled by our well-trained technicians.
3. Deep cleaning:-
Dirt, dust is removed by deep cleaning of the chimney.
4. Installation:-
New and old chimneys are installed to your desired place of requirement.
5. Uninstallation:-
Chimneys are removed carefully when you are needed.

Advantages from AtoZ service:-

  • We provide 30 days warranty.
  • Genuine spare parts are fixed when old ones get damaged at a fixed cost.
  • We offer service within the slot-time.
  • We provide our service in both commercial and residential spaces of your choice.

How our teamwork:

We consider both online & offline bookings from the customers. Then send you a professional technician to your location. We offer our service to meet your fulfillment with a warranty.

Common problems in chimney:-

1. Too much noise,
2. Suction not working,
3. The fan is rotating slowly,
4. Chimney not running.